When commencing a mural project, we request basic information from our clients to best serve their project needs. Our initial discussion will help determine the project scope, your vision for the project and address any questions you may have about the mural painting process. We highly recommend a complimentary on-site mural consultation with one of our artists to discuss your vision for the project, survey the location and take dimensions on our end. 


We offer competitive pricing in our industry based on the total square footage, wall accessibility, and the overall complexity of the mural design. Due to the unique aspects of each mural projects, we ask for the following information before providing our estimates:

-Mural Dimensions (length x width).

-Brainstorm of the Idea of the mural design.

-Site Photo. We ask for this information to determine the need for additional equipment like scaffolding , scissor lift or articulating lifts and to take note of wall obstructions (windows, bushes, trees, etc..)

-Wall materials. We ask for this information to determine the ideal paint and materials as a metal surface requires different primers and paints than a rough stucco or smooth concrete surface.

-The mural’s location.  We ask for this information to determine if travel costs are necessary.

DEposit and contract

Once our client approves the price estimate, we will send the contract and deposit invoice for the mural project to our client. We require a 50% deposit to cover the purchase of all supplies, materials, equipment and art services needed to begin your mural project. Once we receive the deposit and sign the contract, we begin the image development process.

Mural concept

At KYN Creative we specialize mural concept based on the client needs.

This process usually involves several stages, including initial conceptualization, design development, and execution.

The first stage of mural painting development involves conceptualizing the overall theme, subject matter, and style of the mural. This may involve consulting with clients or community members, conducting research, and gathering inspiration and ideas.

Next, the artist or design team will typically create sketches and preliminary designs for the mural, using tools like digital software or hand-drawn illustrations. These designs may be revised multiple times, with input from stakeholders and other artists.

Once the final design is approved, the mural painting can begin. This process may involve preparing the wall or surface, such as cleaning or priming it, as well as creating a detailed plan for how the mural will be executed. This may include techniques such as stenciling, freehand painting, or using projection or other digital tools to transfer the design onto the surface.

The actual painting of the mural may take days, weeks, or even months, depending on the size and complexity of the project.

final payment

Once the Mural has been completed we require the final payment or remaining balance within 14 working days of the project completion.

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